and we were
as free as we could be



i was watching the first avenger and wondering how Bucky knew Steve was getting his ass kicked in the back of some random alley behind a movie theatre

like does he just check alleyways whenever he’s walking down a street to see if Steve’s started another fight he can’t finish

the answer is probably yes

headcanon that, even when brainwashed, Bucky still stops at alleyways and looks down them to find nothing

and he never knows what he’s looking for


Sunset Clouds, Roger De Almeida


Arthur is not just a King, he is the once & future King

you don’t have to do this alone


Hugging tip #54: hug for just a bit too long and whisper ‘heil hydra’ into their ear


One of the great birthday presents just arrived from Vienna and the incomparable AgentJ aka @ChaosNDisaster #MineralsAreGoodForYou {x}


katara: but I believe aang can save the world~*~
world: fuck


btvs appreciation week: [day 3] most heartbreaking or happy moment → buffy kills angel

"When I killed him, Angel was cured. Your spell worked at the last minute, Will. I was about to take him out, and, um… something went through him… and he was Angel again. He-he didn’t remember anything that he’d done. He just held me. Um, but i-it was… it was too late, and I-I had to. So I told him that I loved him. And I kissed him. Then I killed him."

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